Joy and Order Community

We are committed to transforming your space and your life, so we have created a free online community to inspire and motivate you. The Joy and Order Community is a place to build connections, form new habits and find inspiration. It's never too late to build your organisational muscle. Together we can take back control of your life. All while having fun!

What you'll find in the Joy and Order Community

  • Kindred Spirits: Meet people, ask questions, get advice and talk about all things organisational. 
  • Resource Hub: You'll find activities and checklists to help you take back control.
  • Promotions: Giveaways to support you on your journey
  • Live Sessions: Group sessions offer an opportunity to ask questions and discuss all things organisational.
  • Challenges and Accountability: You don't have to do this on your own, We create challenges so that you will succeed.
  • Support: We'll provide help and advice when you need it so that overwhelm and confusion are a thing of the past. 

How To Connect

  1. Log into The Joy and Order Community at
  2. Update your profile and photo by clicking My Profile.
  3. View groups you're in by clicking My Groups.
  4. Start a discussion by clicking Post New Discussion from the Discussions tab of any group.
  5. Reply to a discussion by clicking Reply… from within the discussion online OR by replying to a discussion email notification.